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Bathroom Panels

Bathroom Panels

The stylish alternative to tiles, the shower wall is ideal for use in shower enclosures, around and behind baths, or to create impressive feature walls.

Our versatile, easy-to-install wall panelling delivers a watertight hygienic surface, which is hard-wearing, low maintenance and built to last.

Panels are available in a range of materials, manufactured in the UK, and backed by a guarantee of 30 years.

A waterproof panelling system and naturally inspired surfaces are delivered through a smart waterproof system. Showerwall is the ultimate in bathroom wall panelling. The system provides an impressive watertight finish that looks stunning and performs impeccably against the rigours of daily life.

The newly imagined Showerwall range comprises five versatile collections, brought together to suit you and your space. These waterproof panels come in various finishes, from glass-like acrylic to authentic synchronised textures. The innovative Proclick technology helps create seamless feature walls with almost invisible joints.

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