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Laminate Worktops

When you’re remodelling a kitchen on a budget, laminate is the best affordable option for countertops. Nowadays, this tried-and-true material comes in an incredibly wide array of designs, from beautiful solid colours to interesting wood looks with embedded texture to lovely stone patterns with a variety of finish options.

Laminate, interestingly, is a combination of plastic and paper, and is generally not recycled and is sometimes boarded. These materials are formed into a thin layer and are coloured or manufactured with naturalistic or textured designs. This layer is then laminated to particleboard or chipboard.

Laminate is flexible and can be used in a variety of ways and in a variety of spaces: a kitchen, work room or laundry room. Laminate can also be used on a shop table or as a furniture surface. Available in a multitude of colours and textures.

Laminate Brands

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