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Compact Laminate

Compact Laminate Worktops

Compact laminate is 12mm thick, and is a tough performer that looks, feels and sounds like stone but doesn’t need to be templated, allowing for easy installation.

Compact laminate is manufactured for toughness with a solid-core composition, is fully waterproof with a consistent colour all the way through and features a double-sided decorative finish – so you can cut it into any shape you need for worktops, shelves and sills, and simply refinish the front edge to enjoy the coloured core.

Compact laminate worktops can be cut, fitted and finished on-site using our specially designed install kit. The slim profile, trend-led finishes and tough composition of the worktops and islands make them the ideal choice for a modern kitchen, where design is now driven by open plan living, contemporary styles and social spaces.

Compact Laminate Brands

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